This post will likely be short.

I’ve been processing some questions, sometimes wrestling with God over what things mean and how I am to respond.

Here goes:

Is there a specific people group that most personifies who God is?

Think deep for a minute, if I were to tell you I knew some really strong knowledgeable Christians here, who would you picture? What do they look like? What are their political values? Who do they love? I’m not going to state specific people, but, I’ve met people who have challenged my faith more than I ever imagined. I am learning to see Christ in people rather than outward appearances and labels.

Thought of my day, that I haven’t fully explored yet, so might not be articulated the way I am really thinking it:

What if we all reflect facets of God, in different ways?

Let’s start basic here cuz I don’t want to get heretical. Creative/free flowing VS. Structured; or rhythmic changing worship VS. Liturgical. It goes for miles in my head, thinking through all the cultures I’ve experienced here and abroad, and how I’ve seen characteristics of God throughout. Or thinking through people’s personalities, and how different pieces of God are shown in them.

I’ve been taught that we were created to reflect God’s glory, to shine back Him who makes things new. Diving into that thought past the mushy feel good idea of it, what does that mean for all the different people I meet every day?

Maybe, since God is bigger than we can fathom, no one person or people group can fully reflect God’s glory. Maybe it’s only in looking at all the facets that we can see the true, whole diamond.

Like I said, I haven’t fully processed this, but it was on my heart, and I wanted to share with you all.

This song made me tear up today during worship, it’s an older song, I think, called ‘We Will Dance.’ The chorus is:
We will dance on the streets that are golden,
The glorious bride and the great Son of man,
From every tongue and tribe and nation
Will join in the song of the Lamb

It was so beautiful hearing my friend Tinita sing, and picturing all the world joining together to worship God.

On another note, be praying for our neighborhood, there was a shooting last night, 8 were injured. No one we directly work with was near the area or injured, but it’s still our community. It is thought to be a drive by of some kind, so pray for peace, safety, and no retaliation. Pray that God opens doors for the hearts of all involved.