Week 7? Already?

Yes, we are really in week 7 of lectures.

I can’t believe how quickly the time here has gone.  The experiences gained so far are amazing, and the knowledge we are being given from our teachers is overwhelming.  Our weeks thus far have been:

week 1- Orientation/Teachings from our Leaders

week 2- The Character and Nature of God – Karri Manning

week 3- Hearing the Voice of God- Dow Saunders

week 4- Spiritual Warfare- Dawn Masucci

week 5- Bible Study- Art Collins

week 6- Plumbline- Jerry Praetzel

week 7- The Cross- Peter Iliyn

Every one of our teachers have given so much, and have really cared for each of us.  I can’t believe how much God has used them in this time!  I have already filled an entire notebook with notes…which is crazy for me!

The one week that really stands out for me is last week.  A plumb line, probably not a common or understood term, is a vertical guideline using earth’s gravitational pull.  Plumb line week here was about living in Christ’s balance, and walking through what we have told ourselves is truth, even when something isn’t really truth.  The biggest part of the week was walking through first forgiveness, and letting go the wrongs done to us which we have allowed to define ourselves.  The second, and equally as big part, was walking through confessing and asking forgiveness of wrongs we have done to others and ourselves.  Watching as each student was freed from some really painful things was amazing.  Getting up in front of everyone and ripping open my life was so scary, but wow, the healing that has come in is amazing.  God truly does want us to be free of things, he longs for us to be defined by Him and His Love, not our hurts and pain.

If you are still carrying your past, even if you feel you have ‘forgiven’ it, I encourage you to share with someone and walk through choosing forgiveness.  Giving something over to God doesn’t mean that you will be repaid, it means you let Christ’s blood cover the hurt.  It means you let go of the want for retribution and justice, and let go of holding that person to what happened.  I know its not an easy decision, I watched people this week who have been hurt so deeply, they gave it all to God, and their faces haven’t stopped glowing since! Its incredible what Jesus does.  Forgiveness isn’t about a feeling, its choosing.  Saying “God, I choose to forgive… for…” name the hurt though, let the other person agree with you in forgiveness.  And Get Prayer! So huge is allowing someone to stand in the gap and pray for you afterward.

John 3:16-17 “For God so loved the world,t that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.”

Jesus was sent to save us, to redeem us.  Not to take away freedom, but to bring true freedom.

I am still learning all of this, but it has impacted me in a way I can’t explain. Jesus is so good, and His presence in my life is so awe inspiring.

One thought on “Week 7? Already?

  1. Well said my daughter…
    I am soooo incredibly proud of you… walking through forgiveness… so painful, yet, as you said sooo incredibly healing!
    We have all been praying for each of you… especially during this last week. What you are walking through is so much of the same healing process we walk each day at LifeChange and what you are feeling is exactly why I am so in love with this place… and especially with our God who loves us so intimately that he wants to reveal our hurt, our brokenness, and take it from us… but only after we choose to give it to Him.
    I love you sooo much!!! As much as I miss you each and every day, I would never ask you to return here and not experience what you are right now.
    I will miss you so much next Thursday!!! I wish I could sneak away and be there… but God has called me here and you there… so we will continue in this new long-distance relationship God has ordained for us… and we will be there for each other no matter what… no distance can change anything…
    I love you…
    I love you..
    I love you!!!!

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