Monthly Archives: August 2012

Rarely Early… Never Late… Always on Time

We had a God encounter with a Father and son tonight that couldn’t be scripted by anyone other than our Heavenly Father. We listed and have been trying to sell our Honda Civic and VW Bug to help raise money for our new adventures in San Francisco. With trying to move out and clean the apartment, list and sell the vehicles, and share with our church family and friends our future plans we’ve been on quite the emotional roller coaster the past few weeks. After talking, we felt it was the right time to list the Honda and Bug and so we posted them on Friday and started praying. We had a few people interested, a few bow out, and a few no-shows. Through it, God kept growing us and reminding us that this is a joyful time in our lives and that he is already working in our midst whether we are seeing it or not… We just needed to continue to follow when he moves.

While at my brothers going-away party Sunday night I was responding to texts and e-mails in regards to the car, and was ready to be done with it! One of the interested parties asked if they could come look at it that night and take it for a spin and we agreed. We came home, started the car and waited for this Father and son’s arrival. When they arrived, we quickly introduced ourselves and it set off one of the most amazing God conversations we’ve had as of recent. We had friends in common, shared the same common beliefs, and shared a love of Hondas! After they took the car for a short drive, they came back and said they wanted to buy the car. We were so excited to find the car a new home! Especially for someone who had been looking for awhile as well. One of the most beautiful things was the Father, the son, the mother, the in-laws (grandparents) and others in the family had been praying for their son/grandson to find the car that God had for him. It was his money he had earned, and it was his first car. We had likewise been praying that God would bring the right buyer. Meeting each other was an answer to both of our prayers. We felt so encouraged and felt another confirmation that we are continuing to walk out faithfully this calling God has put before us. The best part was we ended our divine appointment with a group prayer which spoke so much to Kassi and I. We felt so blessed and encouraged by their entire family even though we had only meet the Father and son briefly. We pray that we would have the privilege to one day to sit down with this family and new friends in Christ and share all that God has done and walked us through since out first encounter.