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we are back

We have returned safely from overseas!

To say it was cool, or sweet, or even awesome is an huge understatement. God has done so much in each of us since we left WA 138 days ago (sometimes it seems longer, sometimes I don’t believe we have been gone this long.)

Rome was amazing, we did many things in our two weeks there, from prayer mapping to piazza ministry, and Josh even got to work with refugees at a church.  There are more stories than can be told here on our blog, but we will start posting some so you can get a slight glimpse.

The biggest thing I wanted to share was our time in Acquaviva Della Fonti.  We spent 13 days there, but it felt so much longer!  The church there is so caring, and overwhelmingly generous.  They took in a group of seven of us and made us feel like family from day one.  Lunch and dinner were both spent with a group from the church, and every meal was prepared for us by someone who attends the church.  The most beautiful thing I saw was how much the church reached out their hand to the community.  The church there goes out to do evangelism all over the area, and takes time out of their days to love the people, whether it is handing out tracks and books about Jesus, or making balloon animals for young kids.  Our whole group was forever changed by the experience there!

We have now spent one week back, and we are settling in fairly well.  We are staying in Hunters Point, which is the area most known for gang activity.  The beautiful thing there is how kind people are, and though we are very obviously outsiders they treat us with care and respect.  I am working with a ministry called End Loneliness, which Josh worked with while in lecture phase.  We spend days connecting with different people in North Beach (aka Little Italy) trying to reach out to those who are lonely.  Josh is working with one of the Street Teams, going around the city and praying with people and making new friends.  God has been so good through this last week, and I can’t wait to see what he does with us throughout our time here.

Please be praying that all of us finish well and really invest our last month here in San Francisco.  Pray for openings to talk with people, and opportunities to share and show love.  We love and miss you all!